"Brandon Cross Technologies have provided excellent support and advice in relation to the Oracle IRM product, as well as other solutions. The expertise available and support and service offered is always impressive."

"Brandon Cross Technologies provided us with support services to update our Oracle IRM solution and rapidly upgrade us from a very old system to the latest supported release. Very efficient and good to work with."

"Very professional in attitude and approach, clearly stating project objectives and expectations to all parties and managing the process and objectives very effectively."

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Information is constantly being put at risk

Your employees, partners and contractors require access to your sensitive information to fulfil their responsibilities. Your prospects and customers may also need to receive commercially sensitive information including quotes, proposals, designs and reports.

Secure servers and portals can control who has access to the information stored within them, by using effective authentication and access controls. However to use the information it has to be downloaded to the user's computer for them to see and manipulate it. Once the information has been downloaded users frequently make local copies or share files with others who do not have access. This limits the value of server based access controls on which so many depend.

Out of ignorance or accident documents and emails can easily be:

  • Accessed inappropriately
  • Forwarded to the wrong "John Smith"
  • Redistributed by users "unaware" of the NDA obligations
  • "Archived" by someone who is moving on to a new company

Access controls, together with firewalls and encryption, can help prevent hackers and other illegitimate users from gaining access to information sources, but they do nothing to control what legitimate users do.

Disgruntled employees, opportunists or remote hackers may:

  • Maliciously forward documents to a competitor
  • Alter or remove key business information
  • Sell employee or customer information to criminal/dubious organisations
  • Steal your product designs, manufacturing processes or methodologies

Classification and security policies are not enough

While it is important to recognise which information is commercially or personally sensitive, to mark it, and process it diligently, defining procedures and processes is not enough. While the procedures and processes may be defined they may not be being put into practice. Without the application of appropriate technologies information remains at risk from ignorance, error and deliberate misuse.

Which technologies are appropriate depends on the sensitivity of the information, the environment in which the information is stored and used. Failing to understand the real threats can result in the wrong solutions being put in place; giving you a false sense of security.

We can help you identify your security vulnerabilities and help you to persistently protect your information.

Hacker with laptop

Your organisation's digital information is valuable. Measures will be in place to protect it. But do you really know who has access to your companies information?

Virtual Attack

Data Loss Prevention solutions can control how your data moves around your network. But you also need to share information with customers, suppliers and partners.


We can ensure your digital information remains protected no matter where it is, or who you need to share it with; giving you lifetime monitoring and control over all your information.

Installing software

We specialise in managing the "Insider Threat". And if you are safe from the inside, you are also safe from the outside. We can help you deploy what is right for you, and make it work.